Oh dear…..

The best, and indeed worst thing about the internet as a platform is that everyone can have an outlet for their views.  There used to be a saying that a newspaper never refuses ink, in terms of being happy to print stories.  That maxim is very much true of the internet, as a dizzying areas of portals and sites provide opportunities for people to voice their opinions across a diverse range of topics.  This site as a prime example ;)

However every so often it draws a wry smile when a piece is taken to task and completely demolished.  This has happened this week, as well known John Dodge who supports St Pats and contributes to balls.ie has taken on a piece which appeared on the Back Page Football site over the weekend.   Clearly with a deep interest in League of Ireland football one could suggest that I am biased in favouring the reply and there are pieces out there with valid, measures criticism of the shortcomings of the League and what the clubs and the FAI need to do better.  This is not one of them.

The original piece is here, but in truth if you want to mimic the original author and no bother doing any research, just stick to reading the reply.

The original piece is little more than a fetlock tugging introspective, written from afar with little research.  These pieces are two a penny but this one includes a smorgasbord of lazy cliches and inaccuracies.  That’s the thing about the internet, it has made research easier than every before and yet people just rattle out the same out nonsense at times.

Nice to see someone called to account on it.

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